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 "The man who wins is the man who thinks he can" 
Walter D. Wintle

About Hadley Racing

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​Hadley Racing, LLC is a coaching company that helps athletes of all abilties achieve their goals in triathlon by supplying them with high performance personalized training programs.
Originally from England UK - Hadley Racing owner and Head Coach James Hadley has been an athlete for the past 28 years. James has achieved professional status in Triathlon where he has raced internationally on the "pro" circuit for the past 12 years. During this time he has been taught by some of the best coaches in the world whilst also training and racing alongside some of the greatest athletes triathlon has ever seen.

Hadley Racing sets every training program individually and personally for each client via an online performance training platform called Training Peaks. Each week every session is scheduled and assessed upon completion via heart rate and power analyses in order to help all athletes perform at the very best of their ability. 

​Head Coach James Hadley says "Although I am a firm believer in getting the hard work done it's also essential to have a holistic approach to performance. To do this I monitor and assess each session based off of Heart Rate and/or bike Watts data. This way each client has the best chance possible to acheive their goals and perform at their potential. The key to success is the balance of consistency, old school hard work and an optimal amount of recovery by analysing  scientific feedback...all whilst staying respectful to everyday demands of the athletes lifestyle".

All Hadley Racing schedules have been personally written and performed by professional triathlete and coach (James Hadley) during many years of his own personal first hand experience as a professional triathlete. Hadley Racing also allows full time contact via cell phone or email on any day so minor adjustments can be made at any time to help maximise and improve the clients training experience.

Hadley's training history




Hadley grew up as a swimmer from the age of 8yrs old training twice a day accomplishing around 60,000 yds a week at the City of Bristol National squad in England UK. He has won countless races around the country throughout a decade of swimming racing representing his county at the English County Championships and for the City of Bristol swim team at the English National Championships in freestyle, backstroke and breastroke events. 
James competed at galas and open meet swimming competitions almost every week-end for 8yrs straight!
Hadley Racing biking programs have been developed from years upon years of James' cycing experience ranging from mountain biking, BMX-ing and Time Trialing as a professional triathlete. He has trained and raced alongside some of the best cyclists and triathletes in the world.
2016 saw James run a 1:14hr half marathon off the bike in Racine 70.3. His run schedules come from many legendary running coaches that have been slightly adjusted to suit the individual needs of his athletes.
James has represented the South West of England at cross country and track events all across the UK. He also represented his county at the English Schools National Cross Country Championships.
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